Document Your Stay

15 Oct

Some universities require that students keep a journal throughout their study abroad experiences. Although it may seem like a time-consuming task while you’re abroad, when you return home, you’ll be glad you did it! While physical diaries and journals are excellent ways to record your thoughts and experience, here I will discuss the creative ways students can use new media to document their stay.


Blogs are popular among study abroad students because of the easy accessibility and casual-writing style that bloggers frequently write in. You can blog from your hostel, the airplane, or the beach (I did this!). Some of the most popular blogging platforms, include WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr — all of which are free! With these blogging platforms you can create a “look,” blog name, connect with other bloggers, and include visual and audio elements.

A blog is a great way to document your
day-to-day activities, and let your family  and friends know what you’ve been up to. You might even be interested in using your study abroad experiences and blog for professional reasons. A great professional travel blog, that I began writing for when I arrived home from Barcelona, was iExplore. It was easy to blog about different countries because I had done a good job of documenting my travels in a written journal.

[Check out  The Time I Studied Abroad Tumblr for a good laugh.]

Photo Blogging: Tumblr and Flickr are particulary good sources for integrating photo elements to your writing. A great example of an Abroad Tumblr is, What a Beautiful Life!


My travel Pinterest board.

Pinterst is a content sharing service
that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. A couple of ways you can use Pinterest while abroad is to create a “places you’d like to go,” international cuisine, and sightseeing pinboard. Prior to studying abroad I created a pinboard called “Take me there.” I frequently “pinned” places I wanted to go, and travel articles. While abroad you can create pinboards for individual countries, or themed pinboards, such as, food, castles, cathedrals, etc. You can share your boards with your friends by connecting your Pinterst with Twitter and Facbeook.

[Check out the Travel Channel’s Pinterest for some travel inspiration!]


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  1. Students Gone Global October 21, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

    And check out the blogging platform which is the Tumblr or WordPress only for young travelers/study abroad students!

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